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Zakaria Issahaque waves into Coronavirus pandemic cautioning citizens to stay safe and indoors

Ghanaian international Zakaria Issahaque has cautioned citizens to take the deadly Coronavirus pandemic as serious as it has caused a real scare throughout the globe

The Elman SC defender has cautioned citizens to practice personal hygiene and self isolation as well in order to stay away from the deadly virus

“ We as human beings across the globe should treat the pandemic with all the seriousness it need and adhere to the strict rules and practices the authorities have outlined for us”

The deadly virus has put the world to a standstill with millions of people across the universe losing their lives and has seen other businesses and events including sports all suffering from the deadly Coronavirus

He added ” It is real and must be treated as such. We have been lockdown in our homes and has seen all activities halted due to the outbreak of the pandemic the world is dealing with at the moment”

“For now all we need is Allah’s guidance and protection during this difficult times in the world so as to find a solution for the virus”

Somalia goverment has suspended all activities in the country as the moment including football until further notice as they seek to tackle the pandemic that has engulfed the world

By: Kanyiri Suburu Lucio/@SuburuAbdulai

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