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Western North And Western Region Had Their Share Of Soccer Talent Hunt Scouting Program

Western North and Western region respectively had their share of the talent hunt scouting program

The Soccer Talent Hunt scouting team visited the two regions as they continue their efforts to unearth young gifted footballers across the country

Sewfi Asawinso community park was the venue for the program in the Western North region where large number of young footballers came around to participate in the program

Adiembra Astro Turf pitch was the venue for Western region where around 100 participants came by to compete in the scouting program

The team was happy with the talent exhibited by the young footballers across the two regions during the scouting program

Eleven players were picked at Sewfi Asawinso in the Western North region while Twelve young talented players were picked in the Western region

A total of 5 players will go directly into the Soccer Talent Hunt house from the two regions

By: Kanyiri Suburu Lucio/@SuburuAbdulai

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