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The Chief Executive Officer of the newly promoted Access Bank Division One side Wa Power FC Musah Salifuhas set his sights on securing a spot in the prestigious Ghana Premier League “within the shortest possible timeframe”.

In an unprecedented display of determination and strategic vision, Salifu says it is a must for Wa township to enjoy Premier League football, following the exit of Wa All Stars three years ago.

This remarkable ambition comes just three years after their successful qualification from the second division to the first division league.

Under the leadership of the visionary CEO, Wa Power FC has experienced a meteoric rise through the ranks of Ghanaian football. Their recent achievements have captivated the football community and even caught the attention of seasoned pundits and experts.

“I took over the team three years ago, and it has been good amid all the challenges, he told in an interview.

“The first season we couldn’t qualify for middle; we could not do the same in our second season as we ended up as runners up. But we have been able to do that this year with a remarkable feat as we went 19 games unbeaten, 14 games in the group stages, 11 wins, 3 draws, and in the middle league, 5 games, 5 wins.”

With a clear and well-defined roadmap, the CEO aims to harness the team’s recent success and propel them towards the pinnacle of Ghanaian football. This ambitious plan not only reflects the CEO’s unwavering belief in the team’s capabilities but also highlights their commitment to achieving greatness.

“At this stage, my aim is to qualify the team for the Premier League within the shortest possible time frame,” he said.

“We won’t rest on our oars until we have been able to achieve this. I know it won’t be easy, but it’s doable.”

To accomplish this challenging feat, Salifu said he is expected to implement a comprehensive strategy that focuses on multiple key aspects.

He aims to build upon the team’s strong foundation by investing in top-tier talent acquisition, enhancing the club’s youth development programme, and fostering a winning culture that instills a sense of belief and determination within the players.

Furthermore, he said the club will explore strategic partnerships and sponsorships to secure the necessary resources for infrastructure upgrades and advanced training facilities, calling on corporate Ghana to come forward and support the club’s efforts to excel.


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