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Three Day Soccer Talent Hunt Scouting Program Ends In The Nation’s Capital

Soccer Talent Hunt scouting team concluded a three day scouting exercise in the Greater Accra region

The nationwide scouting program stopped at their 15th region across the country for the all important exercise

The scouting exercise was carried out at four different centers across the region namely Tema Community 4 TDC park, Fadama AstroTurf pitch, Wembley Sports Complex and the Weija town park

The Tema Community 4 TDC park was the first place to have been visited by the scouting team where over 15 players were selected from the many to have participated in the scouting program

The Fadama AstroTurf pitch saw high level of quality display exhibited by the young footballers and in the end 15 exciting players got selected

Weija town too had their share of the scouting exercise which also saw 14 talents spotted and selected by the team of scouts on the day

The Kotobabi Wembley Sports Complex had two sessions on it and also produced high quality performances from the young footballers

The two session’s exercise at the Wembley sports complex also produced 14 players

A total of 58 talented young footballers were selected across all the centers visited by the scouting team in the region

Six of such exceptional talents from the group will be accommodated in the Soccer Talent Hunt Academy house to represent the region

By: Kanyiri Suburu Lucio/@SuburuAbdulai

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