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Speaker of Parliament to Donate to Division One Clubs In Upper West Region Ahead of new Football season

The third Gentlemen of the land Rtd Hon Alban Bagbin is set to donate football kits to division one clubs in the Upper West Region ahead of the upcoming football league season

The Speaker of Parliament is to donate two set of jerseys to the three participating clubs from the region in the upcoming division one league season

The three clubs Wa Suntaa Sporting Club, Maana Football Club and newly promoted side Wa Power Sporting Club are all billed to benefit from this gesture from the Speaker of Parliament

This is the miles that which the Speaker of Parliament is determined to help in the development of the game in the region

Rtd Hon Alban Bagbin in his quest to help bring Premier League football to the region is doing all to support the clubs to achieve such goal

By: Kanyiri Suburu Lucio/@SuburuAbdulai

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