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RFA Elections: Who leads the Upper West Region; Aspiring RFA Chairman Naa Hamidu Seidu Bomison launches Manifesto ahead of October 18th elections

The Upper West region has three candidates vying for the Chairmanship position of the Regional Football Association and one of the them in the person of Naa Hamidu Seidu Bomison has today 7th October 2019 launched his manifesto ahead of the upcoming elections at the Upper West Regional Library

The event saw the retired FIFA referee and former vice chairman outdoor the document in front of the media and others on the day

The event saw the retired FIFA referee outline his vision and plans for the region in the footballing front if given the mamdate to chair the Football Association of the region

Naa Hamidu Seidu Bomison on his document is set to restructure and energize football clubs in the region moving forward as well as building capacity of football personnel in the region consisting of coaches, management and club administrators in the region

He is also of the hope of providing football equipments and logistics whiles working on the development of the game in general in the region thus providing sustainable sponsorships, projects and tournaments through out the region

With the current divisional league system in the region where there are only two zones in the region, his office will them organise an eight month league by zoning the teams for the sake of proximity. It is to give the clubs the taste of traveling to play among each other in other to be use it before venturing into the national division one league. Seeking of sponsorship for the division two league is also a top priority on the list so as to take care of officiating fees as well as creating a platform for club networking to enhance access to players transfers through out the region

One other issue captured on the manifesto is the development of grassroots football in the region with the intention of restructuring the juvenile football system in the region starting from U12,U15 and U17 and forming formidable clubs out of them for the region as well as protecting the minors against illegal football agents

Organization of District/Municipal colts league by zones as well as creating committees to assist clubs in pursuing unclaimed training and solidarity compensation

Women football was also captured as well as Naa Hamidu Seidu Bomison intent to engage and encourage parents to turn their attention to the girl child playing football within the region as well as encouraging other male clubs in the region to adopt female clubs as well

A formidable women league system as well as sponsorship for the league were among others captured

As a retired referee himself, the referees weren’t left out as he still seek to continue his continue support for the association in diverse ways through organization of quarterly integrity workshop and refresher courses as well as seeking sponsorship for refereeing activities in the region

Intent to use his office to support recruitment drive for referees through the Senior High School and Tertiary Institutions in the region as well as providing accurate security at match venues as the welfare of the referees is a priority

With numerous coaches coming out of the region, it is his hope to organise regular coaching courses and capacity building workshops to enhance performance of the categories of coaches in the region while helping in forming a very viable coaches and administrators association in the region

Identification of talents in the region as well engaging them in national assignments are among others the coaches will be doing for the region

Haven played football during his youth age before venturing into refereeing, the retired footballers in the region hasn’t been left out of the manifesto as he seek to actively involve the retired players in the management and administration of football in the region

Formation of viable and active Players and Retired footballers association in the region to help building cordially relationship between them

Media as the mouthpiece of the region is also captured in the document as he intent to establish effective media committee in the region to talk on issues in connection with football development in the region as well as subsidizing broadcasting rights for the media houses in the region as well as organisation of quarterly “Meet The Press” session to dialogue and brainstorm on developmental issues of the game in the region

The field of play was also captured in the manifesto as he is going to identify seven good football pitches within the region for all division two league matches as well as collaboration with Members of parliament, Municipal and District Chief Executives to develop infrastructures within the various constituencies to improve the standard of the game

The renowned retired FIFA referee is hoing to be voted based on his intended action when elected come 18th October as he go head to head against incumbent Alhaji Yahaya Biyad and Alhaji Baba Pele

By: Kanyiri Suburu Lucio/@SuburuAbdulai

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