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RFA Elections: Incumbent Regional Football Association Chairman Alhaji Daud Saadugu Yahaya Biyad retains post after a fierce competition

Incumbent Regional Football Association Chairman of the Upper West Region Alhaji Daud Saadugu Yahaya Biyad has retained his position as chairman of the region

With 37 eligible voters who were to cast votes in the election only 36 casted their votes at the congress as one was absent during the election and was denied the chance to vote by proxy

The electoral process was successful and was very fiercely contested among all three candidates in the region

Incumbent Alhaji Yahaya Biyad won the election with a difference of mere three votes to retain the regional chairmanship position of the Upper West

Alhaji Yayaha Biyad pulled 16 votes out of the 36 votes that were casted and was closely followed by Alhaji Moro Ahmed Baba with 13 votes with Naa Hamidu Seidu Bomison pullingsingle digit of 7 votes

The renowned business man and football administrator has been the regional chairman of Football Association for the past 13 years and has retained the seat for the next four coming years

By: Kanyiri Suburu Lucio/@SuburuAbdulai

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