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Noam Shamah Cautions Young Players To Be Wary Of And Careful Of Football Scouting Scammers

It has come to my notice that some individuals are parading my picture and luring young players to pay agent fees for a chance to travel.

I want to state emphatically that whoever pays anything to somebody does that at his/her own risk.

I don’t demand any agent fees or whatsoever when I scout players.

So stay alert and report any individual who asks for an amount of money in my name or using my image for such a criminal act.

To the young players yes it is every player’s dream to play abroad but it must be done the right way.

Don’t allow someone to take advantage of you.With this kind of situation if anybody use my name to solicit for any money kindly feel free to contact me via facebook messenger or WhatsApp.

And I will want to also issue a stern warning to all those who are in this scandalous act that I will lodge a complain for their arrest if they dont put a stop to this image tarnishing act.

Thank You!

Noam Shamah

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