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Introducing: Soccer Scouting Clinic, Tackling and Minimizing Immediate Injuries in Sports

Soccer Scouting Agency are set to introduce Soccer Scouting Clinic in a bid to help tackle and minimize immediate injuries in sports across the country

The practical football business minded Administrator, Akwowe Stephen has observed there are many more injuries affecting the Grassroots Clubs and its Players and hence the idea of introducing the sports clinic

“Most players are playing at the top level with alot of Injuries all because it was not properly treated in the Grassroots stage” he said

“SS Clinic is a Football Field First Aide that is here to tackle the immediate injuries and help minimize injuries in sports” he explained

Mr Akwowe concluded saying “let’s seek the health of our players so we can make money out of them”

For More Information:

WhatsApp: +233207062512


By: Kanyiri Suburu Lucio/@SuburuAbdulai

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