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Fresh Famangos Writes: How Bleak Is The Future For Upper West Region’s 3 Division One Clubs In Their Bid To Escape Relegation Highwaters.

The Access Bank Division One League itches to its dying embers,  and Upper West Region’s trifecta, namely: Wa Suntaa SC, Maana FC, and Wa Power SC are all sitting on tenterhooks hoping to escape relegation as we’re left with just 3 games to wrap up the 2023/24 league season.

However, the most asked question that begs an answer is can all the 3 Wa-based Division One clubs escape the relegation hotwaters?

In this Hollywood episode, Fresh Famangos tries to explore the various chances for each of the 3 Malik Jabri’s outfits. 

More on, the gory reality is that at least a club will lose its Division One slot. Again, depending on what might unfold in the ongoing Ghana Premier league would be a key determinant whether 2 or all the 3 clubs could go on relegation.

In fact, we have a lot to chew on this package, so let’s set our wheels in motion!


The Believe lads sit on the 5th position after 25 match days, clocking 29 points, and could only add 9 points before the season comes to an end.

Suntaa SC will begin their bid for survival with a game with Techiman Heroes on the road. The hosts occupied the zenith of the Zone 1A. It suggests how dicey the showdown would be.

Do you know that Suntaa SC have lost all 3 games, thus far in the season, to the Techiman-based Heroes?

The 7-year-old Division One side will later trade tackles with Maana FC and Wa Power SC for matchday 27 and 28, respectively. 

If Wa Suntaa Sporting Club win all their remaining  games, they will fly to 4th position with 38 points. That’s to say bye-bye to relegation. 

In such a scenario, both Maana FC and Wa Power SC could only afford to pick 6 points  out of a possible 9. And this would mathematically not be enough to keep the duo Division One hopes alive.

The Believe Boys could even parachute their points to 41, should they win their impending protest case against VC Warriors.

For Wa Suntaa SC to go on relegation, it’d be a huge travesty,as many posit following how higher they’ve flagged the Upper West flag to Ghana’s football community.


Maana FC last 10 games outcome in the league is nothing to drum home about. They’ve lost a staggering 8 times, drew once, and with just a win in the process. 

This ropey run by Maana FC raises a number of red flags as to whether they can manoeuvre their boat beyond the calamitous relegation highwaters. 

Nba Atow’s outfit must maul visitors, Northern City, in week 26 at the Wa Park to stand any chance of survival. 

The Blue and Yellow fraternity had lost twice in 3 attempts to their next remaining opponents, i.e., Northen City; Wa Suntaa SC, and Techiman Heroes in the ongoing season.

It’s utterly demanding that Maana FC must pass these steep uphill tests with flying colours by beating all their final 3 bête noire before they can kiss any fortune of a possible survival. 

Maana’s biggest enigma could further escalate if Wa Power SC win their protest case against them. If the impending protest is ruled in Wa Power’s favour,  it will further plummet Maana FC to the ditch. 

And if this unfolds before our eyes, it will awaken and recall an unwanted history dating back to the 2002/03 season – where Kwamax protest glory was the reason Boca Juniors lost their Division One slot as history says.

Wa Power SC

If you ask me, the Douri-based side biggest motivation at this juncture is their fandom. 

The level of nourishment Wa Power SC are currently tapping from their electrifying fan-base is enough vivacity to oil the club to punch above their weights towards attaining survival. 

Power’s victory away from home to fave, Tamale Steadfast speaks a lot of volume on their last-minute obstinacy of not letting any stone unturned towards avoiding the danger zone.

Wa Power SC must have on their bucket list to grinding a win from Tamale City at home and plot another scalp on the road to Northen City. 

They must again win their final game vs. Wa Suntaa – a derby in order to achieve a dream of reality. Any results below gulping of 9 points will turn out to be a mirage dream. 

If the yes we can troops can latch unto the club’s mantra as YES WE CAN, albeit the laborious tests ahead of them, they’ll certainly make it to the safe zone with cheeky ease. But any failure will see the Douri-based outfit forced to clutch with straws.



A Wa-based club will go on relegation if Tamale Steadfast remain at the bottom of the league and only RTU are relegated from the Ghana Premier League. 

In such a situation, the teams occupying the 7th and 8th positions in Zone 1A and Zone 1B, respectively, will be relegated automatically. 


If both RTU and Bofoakwa Tano go on relegation from the Ghana Premier League, where Tamale Steadfast also jet to 5th position in Zone 1A, meaning the bottom 3 would be Wa-based teams.

In such a scenario, 2 Wa-based teams who’ll be occupying the 7th and 8th positions in the Zone 1A standing will go on automatic relegation. The last but 3rd team in Zone 1A will honour a play-off with the 6th placed team in Zone 1B. In unlikely the event,  and the Wa-based team loses the play-offs, all Upper West Region 3 clubs will suffer relegation. On the other hand, if the Wa-based side wins the play-offs, only 2 Wa-based clubs will be demoted.


Also, if Tamale Steadfast continue to languish at the bottom of Zone 1A standings, and even, if both RTU and Bofoakwa Tano suffer demotion from the Ghana Premier League, the 7th placed team in Zone 1A will join Tamale Steadfast to the drop zone.

And in Zone1B, the 7th and 8th teams will suffer an automatic demotion. However, the 6 placed teams in both ‘Zones’ will be separated by a playoff. 

And if a Wa-based side wins the play-offs – meaning one club from the Upper West Region – will go to relegation. On the other hand, if the 6th placed Wa-based team loses the play-offs to Zone 1B candidate; 2 Upper West clubs will decline to the drop zone.

Isn’t the future bleak for the Upper West Region Division One trio? The answer is in the question!

Authored by: Iddris Fresh Famangos [Episode 001]

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