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Wa Future Stars SC Meets Upper West Regional Police Commander

Wa Future Stars Sporting Club (Wa FC) led by the Honorable Siita, the Current and Acting TM paid a visit to the Upper West Regional Police Commander DCOP Peter Ndekugri in his office today, Friday, 13th May 2022.

The visit was to introduce the team, build a friendly relationship, and to seek security services for the ongoing Division Two league, especially on Match Days.

The DCOP in a sitting and after happily welcoming the team hinted that Grassroots Football has come alive in recent times all over the region and it’s being consumed by a very large number of followers however, the seek for higher security support is very important and it is a good step taken by the team hence, Greenlight has been given to the team anytime they need security.

DCOP Peter Ndekugri took the opportunity to congratulate the team for its performance in the league so far. He expressed the readiness of his office to combat all crimes and protect lives and properties at any corner of the Upper West Football.

He warned against interceders who come pleading with the Police to release hooligans whenever they are arrested at Football League Centers. He continued that, any offender will be sent to court for trial without delay.

He advised the team and everyone in the region to be law-abiding irrespective of status, tribe, or location to avoid facing the ugly side of the law. Finally, he encouraged all to seek justice from the police but never try to take the law into one’s own hands.

The team led by Hon. Siita was full of gratitude to the Regional Commander and his able men for the readiness to salvage football from miscreants who may want to mire the beauty of football in the region.

He ended that, running a football club is really a daunting task and that’s why his administration will continue to take positive steps to safeguard investment of all Club Owners under his jurisdiction.

Adding his voice, was the team’s PRO, Isaac Kanyiri (Bra Ike), he thanked the Commander for accepting the team happily and assuring him that the team’s next visit would be accompanied by Good news, he added that everything said is accepted and would be considered in every dealing of the team. Bra Ike pledged to guide his boys go by the laws that would shape their future in football.

Source: Bra Ike

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