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The Ntotroso Pillar is yet to score in the Access Division One League after MD5.

This week Wamanafo Mighty Royals were at home to Nkoranza Warriors a match that saw Emmanuel Owusu in the starting lineup at their favorite grounds.

Emmanuel’s desire to record his first goal in the large saw him push to join any possible attack but couldn’t find the target as the opponent had a solid defense.

The match was evenly matched by both teams.

Ntotroso Pillar came close to breaking the deadlock with two thunderbolt curling free kicks which were saved by the opponents goal stopper. In the end the match was scoreless draw.

The fans chanted Emmanuel Owusu’s name based on his performance in the match. All there were surprised he didn’t win man of the match award but the fans gifted him money and praised him as there MVP for the match.

By: Kanyiri Suburu Lucio/@SuburuAbdulai

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