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Soccer Scouting Agency Team Up With Uefa License Coaches To Work With Academies, Divisional, Premier And National Teams

Director of Soccer Scouting Agency, Mr. Akwowe has confirmed some UEFA Coaches are ready to work with Academies, Divisional to National Teams across Africa Soccer Scouting Agency aim is to provide UEFA Coaches with experience who will support players development and also eliminate financial instability in football in Africa by given trials to such talents…

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Media Houses Should Create Educative Football Content to Support Grassroots and Stop Attacking The GFA

A lot of Media Houses lack football exclusive contents says Director of Soccer Scouting Agency Mr Akwowe The Development of Football in the Grassroots Clubs and it’s players is a collective contribution but most of our media houses are putting pressure on the Ghana Football Association and forgot their own contributions towards Grassroots Football I…

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Football Controls Politics but Politicians are Smarter than Most Football People says Akwowe

Football is more powerful tool than politics but politicians are much smarter than most football Administrators in this country and reason why football development is lacking it’s grounds Football is the backbone of every country economy but lack of footballing knowledge in the country is affecting our Grassroot through to the National Team Says Akwowe…

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