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Soccer Talent Hunt Nationwide Scouting Exercise Ends Triumphant

The nationwide scouting program held by Soccer Talent Hunt concluded successful across the 16 regions of the country

The scouting team went to over 50 centers across the nation for the exercise aimed at unearthing young talents

The scouting process saw over 800 participants across the whole country

Forty expectational young footballers has been selected by the scouting team in to the Soccer Talent Hunt Academy house. About another 60 are on reserve and would be invited to play matches against those in the house.

While over thirty excellent players who couldn’t make it into the academy house for various reasons has earmarked to have the chance of playing in the top flight league or the DOL this coming campaign.

The aim of the Soccer Talent Hunt project is to identify young sterling footballers and groom them for the international transfer market in the near future.

The forty selected players will be housed in the academy house for at least ten weeks where highly rated technical team with European experience will take them through basic training programs to prepare them physically and mentally for the task ahead.

The Ghanaian national teams will soon benefit from this project.

By: Kanyiri Suburu Lucio/@SuburuAbdulai

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