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Maximum 1,080 Minutes of action for Ever present Midfielder Kanwei Fuowie

Wa Power SC dominates the Regional Division Two League this season with staggering figures up and down the field.

Defensive Midfielder Fuowie has been one of the secret behind their success after being present all season for his side.

Kanwei Fuowie started all 12 matches this season and completed the maximum 1,080 possible minutes of action so far this season.

He is the only player to achieve this feat for Wa Power SC, his close contender Issahaku Wahid was substituted off in the final minutes of the 1-1 draw with Busa Golden FC.

Fuowie’s ability to intercept play and block shots as well his neat tackling ability makes him an untouchable in Coach Saeed Adinan’s side. The midfielder has also been relied on when transitioning into attack with accurate passes to locate a teammate anywhere.

Key to his game is good disciplinary record as he has been able to avoid bookings despite his tedious role in the game.

Fuowie scored the winner for Wa Power SC in the 2-1 victory over Malima FC on MatchDay 5 and boast of 2 MVP’s in games against Biyad 77 Stars and Mangu FC.

As Wa Power SC completes the group Stages with 2 games against the group’s closest contenders, Fuowie is expected to complete the group Stages without missing a single minute of action.


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