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Major Boost for Wa Suntaa SC ahead of the new Football Season

Last week, the Npp parliamentary candidate for Wa central constituency Hon Hajia Humu Awudu led some management members of Wa Suntaa sc to pay a courtesy call to the Minister of youth and Sports Hon Isaac Kwame Asiamah at the sports ministry.

Top on our agenda was Upper west football and how we going to promote it and bridge the gap between the Region and other Regions interms of the development of football.

Wa central has been deprived of football development for decades boasting of only One football playing field named the Wa Malik Jabir Park which hasn’t seen any major upgrade and renovation since 2007.

The Region has lost it’s only Premier league club Wa All-stars after the president and Bank roller of the club Mr kwesi Nyantakyi was banned by fifa from taking part in football and it’s related activities. The entire leadership of the Region and Wa in particular showed little concern and allowed the team to be taken away now Legon cities football club.

Wa again can boast of only one Division One football club in Wa Suntaa sporting club.

The Region cannot boast of any footballer currently representing the region in any national team in the country and for players from the Region playing outside the shores of Ghana, the least we talk about it, the better.

The sports minister described all these challenges facing football in the region as unfortunate and partially blamed the leadership of the Region for not making conscious efforts to raise the standard of the football in the region but was quick to commend the parliamentary candidate for Npp in Wa central Hon Hajia Humu Awudu for taking such a bold step to find quick solution to the sinking situation facing football in the Region and described the her as the game changer of football in Wa central.

Hon Isaac Asiamah commended His Excellency Nana Addo for that intervention of providing 10 multi purpose sports centres of Excellence to 10 Regions including Wa central. He admitted the ministry was working to upgrade some traditional sports stadia in the country which the Wa Park wasn’t considered but for the timely intervention from our meeting, the Wa Malik Jabir Park was quickly added to the list of major traditional parks set for major face-lift and Upgrade. He said that alone will give the football community in the region a big boast in terms of training facilities with two big stadia readily available for the Regional capital.

The sports minister further promised to support the only Division One club in the region to sustain it’s status and possibly qualify to the Premiership so the love of Premiership can be brought back to the good people of Wa.

Mr Asiamah also stated the NYE youth in sports programme which the Women Premiership teams are already enjoying will be expanded to the division one league as soon as possible so the headache clubs go through to pay salaries would be reduced so that footballers who are the major architects of the game will be happy, he added the NYE programme is a social intervention that will be sustained regardless of the government in power.

Hon Hajia Humu Awudu pleaded with the sports minister to support the club acquire a means of transport to ease the many financial situation of the club and also promised she will do her possible best to lift the sinking fortunes of football in the region even with her little knowledge about the game. The enthusiastic, hard working candidate expressed her satisfaction with the way the youth in her constituency love the game of football and admitted football actually is the passion of the nation and the happiness of her constituents is high on her list of priorities.

On behalf of Wa Suntaa sporting club, i expressed my profound gratitude to the Hon sports minister Isaac Kwame Asiamah and Hajia Humu Awudu for making such a big interventional meeting happen and promised we will still work hard to keep the youth in the region active in playing football while aiming to bring back Premiership to the land of Wa-naa and the region at large.

Our communication Director Mr Doodo Sadat also stood on behalf of the people of Wa to thank the Mr Asiamah and Hajia Humu for conniving to bring smiles to faces of the footballing community in Wa. He lauded Hajia for her sacrifice even in her later days of her pregnancy and described the meeting as one of the best to have happened for the waala community and tasked Hajia Humu not to relent on her efforts in empowering the youth to develop the upper west Region at large.

Upper West football is the winner.

By: Mohammed Bushran/@Bushran233

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